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Clinician-led Pathways

MOAI Health introduces clinician-led pathways, revolutionizing mental health care access. Personalized guidance from expert clinicians, tailored interventions, and diverse support options reduce barriers and stigma. Your mental health is their priority, offering the right help at the right time.

MOAI Platform - The right help at the right time

Introducing MOAI Health's cutting-edge Mental Health Platform, offering personalised support through research-based surveys, self-help resources, and seamless referrals to experienced clinicians. Break the stigma, prioritise mental well-being.

MOAI @ the science museum

MOAI is committed to public engagement in mental health. We bridge the gap between clinicians and those with lived experiences, fostering understanding and better outcomes. At Science Museum Lates, our clinical team engaged with attendees, showcasing our holistic, data-driven approach. Join us as a beta-tester or patient expert. Interested in our outreach program? Sign up for our newsletter! #MOAI #MentalHealthEngagement #ExpertPatients

MOAI Achieves Cybersecurity Essentials Certification

MOAI Health proudly announces the attainment of the Cyber Essentials Plus certification, a key milestone in our commitment to data security. This government-backed program enhances our defense against cyber threats, encompassing both basic and advanced levels of protection. Stay tuned for ongoing efforts to safeguard your information. Your trust is paramount. #Cybersecurity #CertificationAchievement #SecurityMatters

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