MOAI Communities

MOAI Communities is a public health digital platform designed to address two key community targets: loneliness and mental health. We offer mass scalable solutions for local authorities, towns, and villages to support their population. Our platform blends expert data analysis and smart technology to seamlessly connect people to local resources to assist in the prediction, prevention, and treatment of mental illness while fostering a broader culture of belonging

Inspired by connected cultures

Nestled in the heart of Japan, lies a secret to long and healthy lives

Our foundational philosophy draws inspiration from the social groups found in Ogimi, known as MOAIs. These multi-generational groups function as a secondary family structure beyond religious, familial, or other social ties. The people of Ogimi, who embrace such connections, are known for living some of the longest and healthiest lives

MOAI serves as a key tool to bridge the gap between local government, healthcare services, and communities

Our approach


Micro-assessments collected on community app. Ongoing audit of resource utilisation and efficacy


Automated intelligent triage to individualised support plans


People are guided to the most relevant support available in the locality based on their needs


Systemic data analysis and quarterly consultation with MOAI specialists


Cultural change to fostering belonging by optimising natural MOAIs and encouraging new ones through referral to social groups and relevant community activities and programmes

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What's included in the plan

MOAI Mental health discovery

  • Organisational goal setting

  • Bespoke plan design

  • Discovery of local resource network

  • Integration of local network into the MOAI triage pathways

  • Launch campaign

For community leaders

  • Access to an intuitive and simple to use dashboard that can be tailored to the specific needs of a community group/club/scheme

  • Allows leaders to measure the impact their initiative is having through quantitative and qualitative data capture

  • Downloadable reports for funding applications

  • Community leaders will be invited to attend mental health first aid training from the MOAI team of psychiatrists

  • Mental health awareness training will be offered digitally to all community members through their MOAI app

For local government

  • A model that enables population wide communication

  • Digital delivery of all of the social and government services that they offer to their communities

  • Social risk factor mapping to inform a detailed understanding of the most pressing stressors on the local community which can then inform decisions around resource allocation

  • Regular consultancy and trend analysis is available with a designated MOAI analyst to explore trends and audit the efficacy and effectiveness of interventions

For community members

  • A bespoke community MOAI app for every person

  • Bespoke risk reduction care pathway

  • Early referrals for ‘at risk’ individuals

  • Signposting to the simplest and closest support in the local community; NHS or local resources when need identified

  • Unrestricted access to proven clinical resources

  • Access to a calendar of MOAI workshops and courses

  • Access to a calendar of local workshops and courses

  • Individuals given information of relevant local projects and community groups based on questionnaires and demographics

For health care

  • Social prescribing to local relevant groups, clubs or societies is automated and directed by patients themselves through their community app

  • Community members are prompted to seek help by their scores meaning early access to the right help

  • Data is collected of how local people are using health care services and their efficacy

  • Every member has access to a suite of proven psychoeducation resources of increasing intensity based on the need

  • People are triaged to the most prudent mental healthcare support based on need and local resources

That considers the whole health of your community

Questions. Answers.

How does MOAI automate social prescribing?

The MOAI platform blends clinical expertise with cutting edge technology to allow us to steer people to the right kind of local support, when they most need it. Because the recommendation algorithm is overseen by clinicians we can save local GP time by identifying need and linking people to the most helpful available support from local community services or groups. 

Practically this works when user’s complete micro digital assessments, which we use to identify what that user needs to improve their health, where they are geographically and then suggests things that can help, such as activities or services in their local area. It's somewhat similar to when your smartphone knows your location and can recommend nearby places to eat. However, in this case, it's all about finding the right support and ways to feel better when you're going through a challenging time. So, it considers your specific needs and provides you with personalised recommendations, making it easier to locate help that's conveniently close by. For example, if a young woman who liked football had just moved to a new area, the app might identify that she is feeling a bit lonely. Based on her interests it would suggest to her some local women’s football clubs with contact details.

How does social prescribing differ from traditional treatment?

Instead of solely relying on traditional medical treatments, social prescribing recognises that many health issues have social, psychological, and lifestyle factors at their core. It aims to address these underlying determinants of health by providing patients with access to a range of non-clinical services and activities.

These non-medical interventions can include activities such as:

  • Exercise classes or physical activities
  • Art and creative therapies
  • Support groups and peer networks
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Debt or housing advice
  • Social and community activities
  • Nutritional advice and cooking classes
  • Mental health and wellbeing support

Social prescribing typically involves healthcare professionals, such as GPs (General Practitioners) or other primary care providers, assessing a patient's non-medical needs and making referrals to appropriate community services and organisations.

What is social prescribing?

Social prescribing is a healthcare approach that involves connecting patients with non-medical, community-based services and support to improve their overall well-being. The goal is to improve patients' mental and physical health, reduce social isolation, and enhance their overall quality of life. Social prescribing can be particularly beneficial for individuals dealing with conditions like depression, anxiety, loneliness, chronic illnesses, or lifestyle-related health issues.

What is psychosocial risk factor mapping?

Psychosocial risk factor mapping is a process that involves identifying and assessing the various factors that contribute to mental health risks. These factors can be broadly categorised into dynamic and static risks. A dynamic risk is a factor that can change over time and may be influenced by life events, circumstances, or interventions. For example, workplace stress is a dynamic risk for mental illness, as it can fluctuate based on job demands, support systems, or stress management strategies. On the other hand, a static risk is a more stable, unchanging factor that consistently contributes to mental health risks. An example of a static risk could be a family history of mental illness, which remains a constant factor throughout an individual's life. 

The MOAI solution is a vehicle that allows us to map these psychosocial risk factors, so that our team of mental health professionals can help your community better understand and address the complex interplay of elements that impact the mental health of your population while designing more effective interventions and support systems.

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