Data-driven Wellbeing

MOAI blends extensive clinical expertise with an AI powered digital platform to transform workplace wellbeing

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Who we are

Dr Patrick Davey
MOAI Founder
Chief Clinical Officer
Consultant Psychiatrist
King's College Research Associate

Dr Oliver Shipston-Sharman
MBcHB BMedSci (Hons)
MOAI Chief Platform Officer
King's College Research Associate

For your staff

A tool that helps each member of your organisation understand, improve and manage their mental health and wellbeing.

Questionnaires curated by researchers, tailored help provided by clinicians.

For managers

Anonymised, organisation-wide data on how employee wellbeing, sense of connection and experience of organisation culture impacts performance.

Actionable insights to help leaders understand and improve the systemic drivers of positive and negative change within their business.

For leaders

A move away from guesswork and one-size-fits-all approaches, to data-driven and clinically-grounded solutions.

Solutions that take care of your people while also improving performance, increasing productivity, reducing churn and absenteeism.

We are proud to be the only clinician-led organisation offering ISO 45003 certification.

How it works

Choose a platform package


Build a bespoke solution

Choose from our resource catalogue. Courses, clinical support or certification can be cherry-picked and tailored to complement your existing approach.

In line with current academic and industry standards (ISO 45003) we recommend a whole system approach to your workplace mental health and wellbeing provision. This is delivered by the MOAI Health Platform, a semi-automated data-driven approach to psychological risk reduction.

Why it’s different

Predictive measures

Our model measures the proven drivers and predictors of mental well-being at a team and individual level

Proven interventions

As well as identifying issues and root causes, the MOAI platform automatically serves relevant clinically-designed interventions to drive measurable improvements

Statistical relevance

MOAI measures have been proven through academic and clinical research, which means it eliminates outliers and focuses on relevant behaviour

Collective resilience

Whilst other services focus on individual resilience, by focussing on measures of connectedness, MOAI delivers interventions to strengthen a felt sense of belonging

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