Improving our service

During our work in health services we have met and spoken to many families trying to support loved ones battling mental illness. We appreciate this can be very difficult. We are passionate about improving the quality of services and how we best support those who support our patients. 

Collaborating with patient families and carers can bring many benefits to mental health services, including improved patient outcomes, increased patient satisfaction, and better quality of care. After any clinical work we will ask for feedback from individuals and when families have been involved we will explore their experiences.

To achieve effective collaboration with patient families and carers, MOAI Health has established a patient family and carer working group. This group includes individuals who have experience with mental health services as patients, family members, or carers. The group meets regularly to discuss their experiences and provide feedback to MOAI Health. This feedback includes suggestions for improvements to services, comments on the quality of care received, and other insights into the patient experience.

To ensure that the working group's feedback is acted upon, MOAI Health has designated a feedback lead who is responsible for collating and analysing the feedback received and communicating it to relevant stakeholders. The feedback lead is also responsible for organising an annual meeting with the working group to discuss progress made on the group's feedback and any further improvements that could be made to the services provided.

If you wish to leave feedback please do so through this feedback link.

If you have any complaints please review our complaints policy.