The MOAI Psychological Growth Programme

Evidence suggests that change comes from practical, implementable systemic changes. It’s in applying the lessons and learnings from our course to your own life and circumstances — and then doing the hard work of taking responsibility for, and true ownership of, your stories— where the change starts and the results begin to show. You’ve got to put your heart where your mouth is and let yourself be seen.

‍Our programme seeks to improve individual psychological resilience by training and then offering repeated skills-based tasks, delivered periodically throughout the year to embed meaningful thought and habit changes.

Our psychological growth training has been designed by our certified mental health coaching team led by Caoilfhionn Buckley. We are passionate about coaching business leaders on how to create psychologically safe workplaces by training employees to better support their own mental health. 

Our course modules

Our programme is holistically designed to cover the key foundational skills every human needs to learn to become psychologically fit and resilient.  

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