The MOAI Platform

Our aim has always been to help leaders mitigate workplace risk factors.

A system-wide approach is the only way to achieve this. We know that just focusing on individuals isn’t enough, we have to consider every level of the organisational ecosystem to establish systemic factors that impact your people.

These can then become the focus of resources to make lasting changes.

How we help your organisation ecosystem

Benefits for your staff

  • Empower employees to learn about their own psychological wellbeing as part of an organisation wide psychological awakening and understanding of how they work and how this impacts those around them
  • Individuals are trained in mental health awareness so they can recognise times when they or colleagues might be struggling and how to seek help
  • We measure lead indicators of emerging psychological distress and support people to take action early to help themselves or seek professional support
  • Employees have access to a 20 module psychological growth (resilience) programme
  • All staff can access over 100+ clinician authored mental health and wellbeing articles and videos
  • When indicated employees can access self-guided Cognitive Behavioural Therapy courses for:
    - Depression
    - Social anxiety
    - Obsessive compulsive disorder
    - Generalised anxiety disorder
  • Mental Health First Aider training for more advanced understanding and support within an organisation
  • Signposting to internal support provision and emergency clinical support if required
  • Access to 1:1 CBT
  • Access to 1:1 psychotherapy or psychiatric review

Benefits for managers

  • Managers are trained and reminded to learn how to take care of themselves first
  • All managers complete a Mental Health Awareness Course
  • Managers are provided with clear boundaries of their responsibility for their people
  • Access to range of mental health resources they can steer staff towards 
  • Recommended support structures for managers
  • A leadership suite of courses and workshops available including:
    - Making sense of management
    - Understanding my management style
    - Compassionate leadership
    - Building psychologically safe teams
    - Managing mental health challenges in my team
    - How to foster belonging in teams 

Benefits for leaders

  • Success is built on demonstrable leadership engagement
  • We will support you with communication assets to share with your employees
  • Implicit in deployment of the MOAI platform is a message that your business cares about the wellbeing and mental health of employees
  • As part of ISO certification we provide policy templates to embed best practice in your organisational structure
  • Organisation wide insights presented on anonymised, aggregated organisational data dashboard
  • User-friendly dashboard allows for comparison of key metrics of employee wellbeing, connection, experience of the business culture by teams, demographics, working patterns, region or bespoke metrics
  • Quarterly consultancy meeting with MOAI data analysts to support leaders to optimise insights
  • Downloadable reports and metrics for presentations, end of year reports
  • Exploration of best practice within the business to share learning
  • Insights linked to evidence-based actionable systemic changes
  • Diversity, equity & inclusion - diversity metrics correlated with inclusion scores with associated insights and recommended actions

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