ISO 45003 Certification

Psychological health & safety at work – Guidelines for managing psychosocial risks

What is ISO 45003?

This is a new ISO global standard to guide employers on mental health and wellbeing provision for their workforce.

Developed by the International Organisation of Standardisation in 2021 it provides businesses of all sizes with a set of practical guidelines to help employers manage psychological risk in the workplace. It recommends processes for businesses to embed as a means to identify and mitigate workplace stressors, conditions and circumstances that may be negatively impacting the psychological health and wellbeing of employees.

Ultimately, the aim is to protect workers from psychological hazards and to provide them with robust mental health and wellbeing provision. Support that promotes a healthy working environment, improves productivity and reduces staff turnover.

Demonstrate Compliance

As it stands ISO 45003 is a set of guidelines that are recommended to improve psychological health & safety in the workplace. This is different to some ISO standards such as ISO 45001, which have requirements that must be met to meet the standard. It is likely that ISO 45003 will move towards this level of requirement in the future as the recognition of the impact of psycho-social risk grows. To demonstrate compliance with the ISO 45003 guidelines we offer a certification process.

For businesses with ISO 45001 certification, ISO 45003 will help them to maintain their occupational health & safety management system and meet ISO 45001’s requirements as it can be incorporated into other ISO standards.

4 steps to certification

You will be designated a MOAI Clinician Auditor (MCA) who will guide you through the process of certification from start to finish. Subject to compliance this can be completed within 28 days.


Gap Analysis - Your auditor will arrange to visit your organisation to review how your workplace meets the standard and where there are gaps. This will be detailed in a Gap Analysis Report showing where you are compliant, partially compliant and non-compliant. 


Action review meeting - Your will have a review meeting with your MCA, to work through the report and suggested actions to meet compliance. We have a range of templates and solutions to support you with this.  


Implementation - Following the action review it is your organisations responsibility to implement any suggested changes. 


Re-review and Certification - Once changes have been implemented your MCA will review compliance and if met, issue your ISO 45003 compliance certification and digital assets.

The benefits of ISO 45003

Improved organisational resilience: with better risk management and a strong support network, workplaces will be able to adapt to potentially stressful situations or changes while maintaining the mental health of workers.

Improved awareness: with improved monitoring and training, employees can gain a better understanding of their own well-being while managers can learn how to identify workers who may be at risk of mental ill health.

Enhanced productivity: stress and other mental hazards can impair the productivity of workers. With better well-being, workers can increase their efficiency.

Improved diversity, recruitment and retention: By having processes in place to support and protect workers, organisations can retain a diverse workforce and make their workplace a more attractive place for potential recruits.

Legal compliance: It is a legal requirement for employers to protect workers and have risk assessments in place to protect their wellbeing. These guidelines help to ensure this requirement is met.

Reduced absenteeism: Mental ill health can lead to workers needing time off to recover. With processes in place to protect workers from psychosocial hazards, you can help to reduce absenteeism and the time needed for staff to regain their mental fitness.

How much does it cost?

First certification cycle: £2400 ex VAT
Annual review and recertification:
£800 ex VAT

These prices include:

  • MCA allocation ‍
  • Initial review
  • Action review meeting and recommendations
  • Re-review
  • Certification

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