How it works

Overview and practical set up

Digital platform

At the heart of the MOAI model is our mental health and wellbeing digital platform. 

A sustainable, data driven platform, that follows the following stages;

Screen, Treat, Prevent, Repeat.

Screen - Data collection

Once per quarter, The MOAI Employee Platform will deliver clinically validated surveys to staff members. These short surveys provide measures of their mental and physical wellbeing, their sense of connection and experience of the company culture.

Data captured provides an individual insight report for staff as well as for the team they work within. These inform dashboards providing your organisation with real time, wellbeing insights and trends which will be explored for statistical significance and can then become the focus of targeted pieces of work.

Treat - Through insight driven courses and resources

Deficiencies identified across the surveys activate personalised, AI powered, clinical interventions to the individuals. 

So, for example, if a member of staff scores low on a self-compassion measure, they receive an invitation to complete a brief piece of psycho-education around self-compassion. They are also given access to a self-compassion video series, including exercises and activities to build on this.

Prevent - Stronger together

Interventions at an individual, team and organisation level will foster individual resilience as well as a resilience through the collective. Both of which will contribute to greater psychological buffering for the individual against difficult events they will face.

Repeat - Change through repetition

This process is repeated quarterly and the efficacy of interventions are constantly being evaluated and improved by our clinical research team.

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