Our mission

To change our societal approach to mental health

The problem for society

As a team of NHS clinicians we have witnessed a doubling of referral rates to our services through the covid pandemic. 

We have first hand experience of burnout and have seen the devastating impact of covid on colleagues and patients. 

The covid pandemic, along with endemic loneliness and disconnection are contributing to rising rates of mental illness across our society.

All of us will be directly or indirectly affected by mental illness in our lifetime. NHS services are overrun and all of our work is reactive. Mental illness is pervasive, impacting our relationships and occupational lives.

We have to find structures where we can make change early and it is clear to us that intervention needs to happen in our schools, our universities and our places of work.

There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they are falling in.

- Desmond Tutu

Time for

Workplace wellbeing research is in its infancy with limited understanding and data available. There is an appetite to try and tackle the mental health pandemic but approaches are tokenistic and fragmented. We have to do things differently.

The MOAI approach

Evidence based approach

We are a passionate team of clinicians, coaches and academics who share a total commitment to building an evidence based approach to understanding organisational mental health and how to improve it.

Preventative not just reactive

To stop waiting for mental ill health to strike and start building psychologically safe cultures of belonging, connection and compassion. 

Cultures that protect the people in them and support those in distress.

A whole system approach

There is no current standardised framework to guide organisational wellbeing change. What we do know is that any change needs to be a whole organisational approach.

A focus on the individual is misguided and does not equate to change. Put simply, an individual cannot flourish and grow in a toxic environment.

Meet our team

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Dr Patrick Davey

BSc, BM, PGDip (Oxon), MRCPsych

Consultant Psychiatrist
NHS Clinical Entrepreneur 
MOAI Founder

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Dr Oliver Shipston-Sharman

MBChB, BMedSci Hons

ONS Accredited Researcher
MOAI Chief Platform Officer

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Caoilfhionn Buckley

Licensed Mental Health Coach
Ex- Management Consultant
MOAI Psychological Growth Specialist

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Jenna Goodgame

BA (hons), MA, PGDip, PGDip, PGCert, PGCert, EMDR. MBABCP MHCPC

Founder The Nurture Works
MOAI Clinical Specialist

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Dr Adisha Kapila


Psychiatry Specialty Doctor
MOAI Clinical Specialist

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Prof Sukhi Shergill

Professor of Psychiatry & Systems Neuroscience, King’s College London

Professor of Psychiatry & Systems Neuroscience, King’s College London

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